Shimo Le Tewa prison, Mombasa, Kenya

In late 2008  and throughout 2009 Kenya signed agreements with various nations to take captured suspected Somali pirates  in return for funding to assist the prosecutions.

In 2009 the UNODC counter-piracy program was set up in order to assist countries in the prosecution of pirates and Kenya was the recipient of financial assistance (approx 3 million USD).  A special court to try suspected pirates at the Shimo Le Tewa prison in Mombasa was built in order to try to speed up the prosecutions of pirates.

There are currently around 100 Somalis accused of piracy being held in prisons in Kenya, primarily in Mombasa. A judge in 2010 ruled that there was no jurisdiction to try these cases in Kenyan courts, but in October 2012 the Court of Appeal overturned this ruling.